Welcome in Mvecko!

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What can you find here?

Web contains informations about technics, sound, motorcycles, exercises, computers, graphics, Linux, Raspberry, instalation instructions, manuals and notes.

The informations are public which I was gain empirically by testing or from another sources and manuals. You may find here the signpost for my other domains (mvecko.cz) too.

I believe you can find here what you seek.

The showroom

The showroom is my preview and listing of my skills which I was gain. This site fits to potential employers and clients.

The showroom is only one page with PHP7 support.

My domains

I was decided to place some themes at a isolated subdomains of the main page (mvecko.cz). The subdomains are called according to the interest, content and conciseness. I try to keep synoptical and simple structure of web where everything has own place.

The subdomains is only in the Czech language.

  1. Cviceni.mvecko.cz
  2. IT sluzby.mvecko.cz
  3. KiXi.mvecko.cz
  4. Linux.mvecko.cz
  5. Motorky.mvecko.cz
  6. Raspberry.mvecko.cz

About the web

The web is simple and created cleanly in a HTML5 language with gentle additive of CSS, the web don't contain PHP or JavaScript (exception Showroom). The server run on hosting service. The images are fitted for smallest data requirements in formats such as jpg, png, gif and exceptionally svg too.




Actually I am not offering services right now.

I rewrite the web to a English language too.

I have a lot of time and i continue in my notes:

Arch Linux has been only for i686 as Arch Linux 32 for 2 years.


I use FreeBSD like a laptop's operating system .

I was decided to describe the software of my daily use. This act is a great challenge for me and I will remember and learn a lot of things.

I begin draw with vector graphics and I draw in the Inkscape editor.


I made a list of training places in Pilsen and created a locations on Google Maps for better accessibility of a training.


I register domain mvecko.cz.


I focus on IT after a long break while I worked out hard until now. I'm dedicated to the Raspberry PI device and I learn using of GPIO.

I create first programs in programming language Python on Raspberry PI. I started learn Python

„I am planning detailed look at Python.“

I started learning of PHP and do some scripts.

I bought a MIDI keys for compossing after 14 years of my amateur audio production. I begin working on my songs.

I must learn Debian, I use it on Raspberry and the laptop.


I makes the retro gaming console at Raspberry thanks to Retropie. I'm addicted to Wizardry game.

I bought the new Zr-7 bike and I had to sell the old one with bleeding heart. I bought the another same and old GS after a while.


I write the first web pages only in HTML which I can't publish, I learn basics of web, I got the Raspberry PI device and I learn Raspbian too.

I discover great, simple, quick and tiling DWM window manager.


I start with workout and I train on outdoor places.


Beginning of the business.


I got the powerful M-Audio Fast Track Ultra sound card and the studio monitors too for my music creation. I meet with a better sound quality.


I work with Linux systems and I discover the magic of Arch Linux and the Awesome tiling window manager.


I start reading sci-fi books and I build my own library after one year ago.


First meeting with the Linux operating system and instant installation alongside to actual Windows. I build the knowledge base of Linux operating system.


I have meet with the digital workstation in my friend's home at first time. Its called Fruity Loops and after some time it is FL Studio, that was favourite for me.